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Sunday 24th May

Run to Rusty Spoke, led by Malc, seconded by Lance. Leaving from the Keel at 8am.

5th June

Triumph John's Bellingham weekender (for more details click here).

UPDATE: Friday morning departure at 9.30am, meeting at the Marr lay-by (Barnsley side)

17th June

Members only: Meet at Go-Kart stadium @ 7.30pm. Normal club meeting afterwards.

28th June

Show With Go (go to our sister site www.showwithgo.co.uk for more details)

1st July

Club BBQ

10th - 14th July

Mutiny on Ben Nevis. For those going on the extended dates with Andre, click here).

24th July - 2nd August

Hostelleroes do Germany. The final itinerary is done, find details of the trip and costs by clicking here.

5th September

Ring of Kerry/Coast of Ireland - 5 nights. Proposed by Giles & Shannon. Itinerary to follow soon!

UPDATE: £100 deposit required for the next meeting (20th May). No deposit - you're not going!


Castleton weekender with Rodger and Steve


Horseshoe Pass with Ian


Howling at the Moon midsummer's night run with Steve

4th/5th July

National Rally Checkpoint Attendance (for those of you manning the checkpoint) - click here


Barnsley Bikers: Please take a look at the list of pre-show and on the day positions and decide where you can lend a hand and for how long. Click here to view positions and where volunteers are required.

Awards Ceremony

Barnsley Bikers Awards Ceremony & Bowling Night 2015 (click trophy below)

Welcome to Barnsley Bikers Club

We are a motorcycle club based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. Barnsley Bikers Club was founded in August 1985 and many of the founder members are still active in the Club. If you are old, young, male or female, learner or experienced, anyone who rides a motorcycle or has an interest in bikes and biking is welcome. We hold well attended club meetings every fortnight with regular runs and rideouts even in the depths of winter. The club outings range from a morning run, through long weekends to multi-week trips, taking in local runs, to further afield and locations throughout the UK, and also european tours which have been a regular feature over the years, with trips to France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and even Poland.


We have members from many other towns, as well as Barnsley and its surrounding areas. 'whatever you want to do on two wheels'


Throughout the life of the Club there has always been a great social atmosphere and this remains so today. Why not come along and see for yourself. at THE KEEL (map below) just off Stairfoot roundabout, where we meet every other Wednesday at 8.30pm.



Contact us @ : webmaster@barnsleybikers.co.uk


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Upcoming club meetings:


  • 20th May, 2015
  • 3rd June, 2015
  • 17th June, 2015
  • 1st July, 2015

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