News :- Alan and Andre's trip to the Orkneys will depart on the 20th of May. Ian and a few more are meeting them half way up on the 24th.


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WelcomeTo Barnsley Bikers Club


We are a motorcycle club based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. If you are old, young, male or female, learner or experienced, anyone who rides a motorcycle or has an interest in bikes and biking is welcome. We hold well attended club meetings every fortnight with regular runs and rideouts even in the depths of winter.

We have members from many other towns, as well as Barnsley and its surrounding areas. 'whatever you want to do on two wheels'


Come to a meeting or just turn up for a run to see what we are about. We meet on every other Wednesday at 8.30pm



Next Meeting:

Wednesday 23rd April at 8:30pm (Find us)


Next Run : Rivington Bar Run.

8:00am Sunday 20th April


Also: Sunday the 20th Easter egg run to Western Park hospital. Not an official club run